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FTP Access and file Transfer Instructions

File Transfers to Oak Printing How To

Oak Printing requires that an FTP client be used to access our FTP site. We recommend the use of FileZilla as an easy to use FTP client. It can be downloaded free of charge here. To access our FTP site, please follow these steps:

Open your FTP client or FileZilla
Type ftp://remote.oakprintingco.com in the host field
Enter your username and password*, then connect to our FTP site. If you don't have a user name and password, please contact Oak Printing at 800.419.3316
Upload your files. In FileZilla, navigate to the files you wish to upload, and drag and drop to the right directory

*If you have forgotten your information, please contact Oak Printing using the form below.

If you would like a more detailed tutorial on setting up FileZilla, feel free to read their documentation here


We use DropBox and its as simple as downloading the DropBox app here. Send us an email for an invite to our account and let's begin collaborating!

If you wish not to install an application to transfer files to Oak Printing, we also accept files from WeTransfer Just add your files, and send them to kcrawford@oakprintingco.com

Don't Have a Password or forgot it?

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